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Road Trip To California

My friend Mildred is moving back to California and for some time has ask me to ride with her when she moves…….you only live once so i said yes…
We left Marion SC around 930 am Friday August 20 2011…………….
On day one we drove into the night and after a Small power struggle, and GPS units fighting for the right to guide our way……we had a small mishap at I20 and Birmingham Ga…….we course corrected and drove just short of Memphis Tn, “18miles” and just under 800 miles total for the day, we finaly find a motel that is not booked full, Turns out Mississippi State was first day of schooling it, and all the Mommies and Daddies are in town to see Jr. and Sis off for freshman year at University, we were going to grab I40 and truck across to LA then San Fran…..
 We sleep at the crap motel

From California Road Trip Aug , 2011


From California Road Trip Aug , 2011

………Then the next morning Saturday at last minute we decide to go to St Louis

From California Road Trip Aug , 2011

to visit Mildred’s Brother, who she has not seen in many many years.We pass thru Arkanas and discover Fried Corn On The Cob 

From California Road Trip Aug , 2011

they have a lovely home.

From California Road Trip Aug , 2011

….look at map below  but we only drove 280 miles, and it was 257 miles out of the way……and NOW WE seem forced to take I80 all the way to San Fran, but then i Miss L.A. and one of the reasons was to go to L.A.  so i can visit Terry and Randall….Perplexed

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