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Nesting boxes for city chickens

-Yay we got our first two eggs today….

From Chickens at Swash

now we think because the hens were with roosters at the farm where we got them that the eggs may be fertile? so i got a incubator by hovabator on craigs list…….

From Chickens at Swash

ill keep you updated!we made a nesting […]

City Chicken Coop

Our first chickens, Photos of out city coop the safe coop under the deck it has double wire inside and out, i hope with the use of chicken tractors this will be for small chicks only…..

From Chickens at Swash

and these two ladies are our first chickens in the city….

From Chickens at […]

i have my first city chickens

OK so we finished the chicken area today, and i went to Ralph and Amy’s and got two chickens, two hens hopefully layers!, ill post some photos tomorrow……….i bought a few books to help give us ideas on coops….. Ok we love this book it has lots of info in a small book! im going […]

Democrats tear down Mt. Myrtle as Republicans react – | Myrtle Beach/Florence, SC | News, Weather, Sports

Democrats tear down Mt. Myrtle as Republicans react – | Myrtle Beach/Florence, SC | News, Weather, Sports


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The VMC Satellite page is a great way to get started as a VMC affiliate. Make sure you take advantage of the “Brought to you by” tag line; this can be found in the Affiliate Profile section of the Affiliate Portal. The VMC Satellite uses SMARTsite tracking, which means anyone who visits our site through […]

Russian Phobos-Grunt mission to Mars fails

Today was the last day of life for Russia’s ambitious Phobos-Grunt mission to Mars after a desperate two month race against time and all out attempts to save the daring spaceship.According to the Russian news agency Ria Novosti, the doomed Phobos-Grunt spacecraft apparently plunged into the Pacific Ocean today, (Jan. 15) at about 12:45 p.m. […]

Terry goes to vegas

So Terryis planning a trip to Vegas so i made this travel portal to search for great travel deals…you can use it for any travel not just Vegas. Give it a try today.

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Italy cruise ship Costa Concordia:sinks in icy waters

It sank on the first night of a Mediterranean cruise   Coast guard captain Cosimo Nicastro told Italian TV that divers had carried out an extensive search of the waters near the vessel and found no bodies.

A large gash can be seen in the hull of the Costa Concordia as it lies on its side. […]

lets do todays words of the day:

1.  malicious intent  “this is the important one”2.  defamation3.  slander4.  libel “this one gets you $”

closet cases should never leave the closet