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Italy cruise ship Costa Concordia:sinks in icy waters

It sank on the first night of a Mediterranean cruise 
 Coast guard captain Cosimo Nicastro told Italian TV that divers had carried out an extensive search of the waters near the vessel and found no bodies.

A large gash can be seen in the hull of the Costa Concordia as it lies on its side.

Italian, German, French, American and British nationals were among the 3,200 passengers on board. There were also 1,000 crew.
  “We heard a loud noise while we were at dinner as if the keel of the ship hit something.”
“The ship started taking in water through the hole and began tilting.”

Some passengers told the Associated Press news agency that the crew had failed to give instructions on how to evacuate the ship.

An evacuation drill was scheduled for Saturday afternoon.
 “photos courtesy of BBC NEWS…



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