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Sun Dogs

Some cool sun dogs taken 2-3-2012



Chicken Tractor

building the chicken tractor we started with an a-frame

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes.  

  the nesting boxes A chicken coop needs to be easy to clean & the nesting boxes that is easy to access is also helpfu

  Chickens in your backyard give fresh eggs are a great […]

Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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Some super cool freebies

You can create any size wall posters from any size imagesTotally Free To Use!———————————Epson’s CreativeZone has many paper craft projects,its Cubeecraft toys, & other types of projects, like templates for cards to scrapbooking stuff. free to useEpson CreativeZone————–



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punch hole clouds linked to UFO’s, Military Maneuvers, or natural ?

–Hey remember this from a year ago?

From Punch Hole Clouds

Three nearly identical, UFO-like cloud formations recently appeared over Myrtle Beach,South Carolina, sparking online discussions linking the features to everything from the Second Coming to recent mass bird deaths to secret military experiments. At least one scientist believes the so-called hole-punch clouds have a military explanation, though […]