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Welcome to Arkansas

 Welcome to Arkansas

Umm ok, but i wanted fanta

I want fanta! not crush!

Garden work

-so i made a Strawberry Bed in the garden, Planted 6 kinds of Strawberry

I also made an asparagus bed, and i dug up some i planted last year and moved them to the permanent spot planted 3 kinds





Route 1View Larger MapRoute 2 View Larger Maproute 3 View Larger MapVEGAS ROUTE OFF ROUTE 1 View Larger MapVEGAS ROUTE OFF ROUTE 3 View Larger Map—————————————


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did you know

Hey did Y’all know…..on December 14, 1996, i was in New orleans when a 700-foot freighter crashed into the Riverwalk Mall on the Mississippi River, then it slammed into the river walk mall and the Hotel i was staying in………..On the morning of Thursday, 7 July 2005, i was in London England at Paddington Station, […]

for Joey

Hey Joey sorry i did not post this before

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