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How to Stop Squash Vine Borers organically with Spinosad

 I love fried squash! and it turns out squash worm borers do too!

  DAMAGE from a squash bug

 SQUASH WORM BORERS CAN ATTACK FEET ABOVE GROUND!!  this is over 2.5 feet above the ground! 
I treated with CAPT JACK’S DEAD BUG BREW   it has Spinosad:  Spinosyn A & Spinosyn D 
Spinosad insecticide is based on a compound found in a recently discovered bacterial species Saccharopolyspora spinosa(S. spinosa). The genus ofSaccharopolyspora was discovered in 1975 by Lacey and Goodfellow, who described isolates from crushed sugar cane which produce yellowish-pink aerial hyphae, with beadlike chains of spores enclosed in a characteristic hairy sheath…
 Spinosad is considered a natural product, and thus is approved for use in organic agriculture by numerous nations. Two other uses for Spinosad are for pets and humans. Spinosad has recently been used to treat C. felis, the cat flea, in canines and felines; the optimal dose set for canines is reported to be 30 mg/kg.
 yellow squash, white squash, crook neck squash, summer squash

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 i found a organic control method its a bacteria found in the islands……its called Spinosad CAPT JACK’S DEAD BUG BREW

NOTE TO PHYSICIAN: No specific antidote. Treatment of exposure should be directed at the control of symptoms
and the clinical condition of the patient. Ie. its all in their head.

Spinosad:  Spinosyn A CAS# 131929-60-7  Spinosyn D CAS# 131929-63-0

Here’s a link for even more detailed info on organic approaches to dealing with the squash vine borer from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service:


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