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Cool Chicken Novelty Items

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Meat, Poultry & Seafood Tools – This simple tool elevates roasted or grilled chicken to new heights in 3 easy steps. 1) The roaster places chicken in a vertical position so it drains fat and cooks more moist and flavorful. 2) Fill the cylinder with a marinade, wine, […]

Back Yard Chicken Tractor

   So we built a “way to big” Back Yard Chicken Tractor

 We have two laying hens in it, and have just introduced a Bantam Hen and Cock, so far so good

    I will update with some current photos

look at this chicken 4gig usb drive! –—————————————


Root Simple: Teflon Coated Light Bulbs Deadly to Chickens

Root Simple: Teflon Coated Light Bulbs Deadly to Chickens: Something I never would have thought of: Teflon coated light bulbs are toxic to chickens. In the letters section of this month’s issue of…


Garden Sunset

OK so i got Broccolli, Leeks, Winter Squash, Some peppers, in the ground today, finished the new compost bin, this area is fenced off so the chickens can forrage.The sunset was awesome today!

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Garden transtion from Summer to Fall

With summer winding down my 25 foot bean tower has no beans….  Wait we just found a flower and a very small pod………… My tomatos did great this year Purple Calabash Tomato Had a few good weeks with the summer squash

Planted some winter squash and we chicken proofed the garden, with free […]

Vegas here we come

So i figured i post some useful links for the trip to Vegas, you can use these for other travel as well! Best Hotels. Best Shows. Best Prices. Grand Canyon Tour Company offers the BEST tours at the BEST price from Las Vegas. Click Here for the Best Las Vegas Hotel Deals! […]