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Pissy Faggots

OMG as a Gay Male, i am over this whole “pick a word or phrase and attack anyone who uses it” Especially if its a member of our GLBT community and yes i use GBLT not LGBT after all we were all Just Gay to start with, then came the Darwin 

So if i call a Transsexual person a Tranny whats the big deal? If i call a Tranny a He/She, whats the harm. As long as its not said in malace? See when you get pissed over a word, or simple language, you are yeilding power to the word bearer, and thats plain stupid! seems to me we should own the words they try to insult or hurt us with! If someone calls me a Queer or Faggot, do i turn and run home crying and bitching to every person whon will hear my story of self imposed pain? No i look them in the eye and i own those words as i proclaim i am Queer or a Faggot…………..Jesus people wake up its 2012 lets stop looking for a reason to be negitave, and join our community in repairing our own fractured community and working toward something like Marrage Equality? PWT.

Jeff Lewis On GLAAD Drama: “I Don’t Understand What’s Going On Over There.”

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