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Romney concedes presidency to Obama

I sit here on this historic evening listening to Romney give his concession speech, But the pride that swells inside me is Simply Emotionally overwhelming, i rejoice in the fact that EQUALITY triumphed today, and Human Rights made leaps and bounds not only because Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin Makes History as First Openly Gay U.S. Senator! & Maryland passes Question 6 affirming marriage equality! & Maine votes to pass marriage equality law! Now Same Sex couples can Marry the one they love in a few more places.  & with Washington passing their marijuana legalization initiative, I-502 & Colorado passes Amendment 64 this will legalize marijuana. And as of now it looks like decriminalization ordinances in Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI will pass by solid margins, & Massachusetts Approves Medical Marijuana.
Some more Equality Wins Sherrod Brown has won his bid to retain his U.S. Senate seat in Ohio, Senate victories for Chris Murphy (CT) and Angus King (ME), Maggie Hassan, consistent advocate for equality, wins in New Hampshire,  Congressman-Elect Mark Pocan (Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District Race), Senator-Elect Tim Kaine, David Cicilline Secures Re-Election in Rhode Island, America i think we made a few steps in the right direction, now lets keep it up, legalize pot, tax the piss out of it pay off some debt!
And now my President is speaking ………………

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