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Yay we have a cold war again

 Lord have mercy that little fat man is threatening us with his fire sticks……………..

 North Korea loves to threaten to start World War III. In the last week, it has made threats to Japan that it may launch a nuclear strike against it and released a video detailing a plan for a three-day invasion of South Korea. And after all the North Korean military is very big, one of the world’s largest standing armies: with 1.1 million troops! 4,200 tanks! 820 fighter jets!
And because of Pyongyang’s “military first” policies, its one of the most privileged and best funded arms of the state, besides Kim Jong Un’s arm……

it has a 500 MB hard drive, 1000 MEG of RAM, and Windoze Vista                              

 Notice the above photo its supposed to be some new modern invention made by unit 1501 of the Korean People’s Army, however i see a big green box probably had a dell inside it, a consumer grade keyboard, is that a Logitech mouse? and WTH is the chair hes sitting in?
its not just me
The Wall Street Journal’s Tom Gara tweeted, “North Korea appears to have crossed a dangerous threshold and developed a fully-functioning calculator.”

The ever-obsessive blog North Korea Leadership Watch of course has notes on the trip.  Apparently, this military unit also manufactures playground equipment, such as plastic slides.

SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – North Korea put its missile units on standby on Friday to attack U.S. military bases in South Korea and the Pacific, after the United States flew two nuclear-capable stealth bombers over the Korean peninsula in a rare show of force.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed off on the order at a midnight meeting of top generals and “judged the time has come to settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists in view of the prevailing situation”, the official KCNA news agency said.

note pad and pencils no tech here not even at unit 1501 of the Korean People’s Army


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