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Boys Trip 2013

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Nan’s Circle of Life – Nancy Lane : Xlibris

Nan’s Circle of Life – Nancy Lane : Xlibris


Soft Shell Crab Fried Preparation Yummmmy!

 I love soft shell crab, it the most wonderful flavor!

Start by washing crab, if they are alive the first thing you do is cut the face off, if frozen save this till after you remove gills and flap. i did not take this photo credit to

Lift flap  on bottom rear […]

GastroGregs: Fermented steak sauce

GastroGregs: Fermented steak sauce:      The American culture has largely shunned the art and science of fermentation. They have the idea that bacteria is a culprit that needs …


Bioidentical hormone replacement and functional medicine, Endometriosis & Progesterone

 Endometriosis & Progesterone

 To any of my Female friends or family, if you are faced with a hysterectomy please educate yourself about Estrogen Dominance, and bioidentical hormone therapy or natural hormone therapy.  Not only will it change your lives it will make you live longer too!   Men this info also can pertain to us as […]

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