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Soft Shell Crab Fried Preparation Yummmmy!

 I love soft shell crab, it the most wonderful flavor!

  • Start by washing crab, if they are alive the first thing you do is cut the face off, if frozen save this till after you remove gills and flap.
i did not take this photo credit to

  • Lift flap  on bottom rear remove it entirely, i use shears i cut a v.

  • then lift the pointed end of the shell remove the gills i use a pair of shears, 

  • I mix 2 eggs some spice old bay garlic soy and a dash of Worcestershire, some milk, i place the dressed crabs in this liquid and place in the fridge for about 30 min, then i remove from liquid, i season each crab with garlic powder and old bay then into seafood breader, then into 365 degree oil in a cast iron skillet………………cook flipping them over till brown and crispy, remove from oil place on paper towels let sit 4 minutes, place on a fresh bum add remoulade sauce tomato and lettuce…………………..


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