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Equality seen in the eyes of others

 1.If you believe that every life has equal value, it’s revolting to learn that some lives are seen as worth saving and others are not.Bill Gates

2. “I’m a very big believer in equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcome. Equal opportunity to me, more than anything, means a great education. Maybe even more […]

Wow we get older

So this kid just came up to me in the qur bar ask if I cold get coke or Molly…..o my I was appalled, and flattered a little st the same time…odd how time changes so much………

Fresh water shrimp red cherry and Japanese swamp shrimp


Tropical Storm Andrea from kissing us on her way by

 O my gosh Myrtle Beach South Carolina is under our first Tropical storm watch of the 2013 season, and its not even hurricane season yet!!!! Tomorrow is the first day of the 2013 hurricane season, but that is not going to stop Tropical Storm Andrea from kissing us on her way by, shes heading […]

Starbucks, where the “toilet water” taste like spring time

Holy wow cow bat man

In Hong Kong, Starbucks patrons are upset and for good reason: the coffee chain’s Central Hong Kong store has used “toilet water” to brew coffee since it opened two years ago. According to Apple Daily, an employee would push a cart into a men’s restroom in a parking garage, […]