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im in line at grocery store and old lady on her cell phone,  in front of me Drops a SBD, then she realizes i smell it as i back away in search of fresh air, saying someone should see a DR.! Well she not paying attention and being flabbergasted, she misses the check out “bi-lo”, still on her phone, pushes her cart around to front of checkout, the check out guy is already ringing me when she gives me a eat shit look like i cut her off, and tries handing her goods over to the cashier, he realizes he missed her dumb distracted gassy ass, i say its ok, and i back up, well the girl behind me obviously smells the shart, i look her in the eye and say  “O THAT’S NOT ME I DO NOT EAT THAT HEALTHY!” “Old Lady hears me” he voids my items, puts them back in my cart, he tries to pull her cart over to remove items and ring her out, she yanks cart back from him, she get all embarrassed and flips out yelling “ill just go over there to that cashier i don’t want to bother him” “and something stinks over here” looking right at me with that same eat shit look as she scurry’s off, so i say TOO LATE LADY first you crop dust me, then i backed up and put stuff back in my cart, really!
So the manager comes to question cashier why lady has a problem, hes telling here what happened about missing the line, manager ask about smell, he plays dumb “so maybe it was him with the SBD fart?” i tell her that crazy old bitch crop dusted us then missed the till line, and got flabbergasted because we all knew she farted….. i thought the manager was gonna die right there, i think she was a Baptist!——————————-

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