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McDonalds Stock Piles Chicken Wings 18 Months

 The world’s biggest fast-food chain plans a limited-time roll-out of its “Mighty Wings” starting Sept. 9 — with a nationwide roll-out to be complete by Sept. 24, says Leslie Truelove, director of marketing at McDonald’s USA.
Several McDonald’s restaurants in Atlanta are testing out the so-called Mighty Wings, which the chain served across the U.S. in the 1990s and has recently offered in Australia and Spain.

The wings will be sold in packs of three, five and 10, starting at $2.99. And customers can choose from nine sauces, ranging from creamy ranch to chipotle barbecue.

By some estimates, wings rank among the fastest-growing category for food-on-the-run restaurants — with sales topping $8 billion in 2012, reports GuestMetrics. That’s up 11% over a year earlier.
 Chefs in Los Angeles are serving up gourmet versions of the bar staple; specialty chains such as Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar are booming. Yelp now has a chicken wings category for users; Korean chicken wing chains such as Qchon and KyoChon have sprawled across the Southland.

The chicken segment seems to be on fire. The move by McDonald’s comes less than a year after fast-food rival KFC upended its menu and began selling boneless chicken.
Then, in April, competitor Chick-fil-A upgraded its salad offerings in a bid to appeal to a wider consumer segment, especially Millennials.
Monday’s announcement by McDonald’s “continues the blurring of the lines between burger, chicken, sandwich and pizza chains,” says Hume.
And it’s a bid by McDonald’s to juice sluggish sales that have plagued most fast-food companies in recent months. “The market is such that chains need menu news continuously, not occasionally,” says Hume.

 When McDonald’s (MCD) introduces a new menu item, the entire food industry feels it. The company added apples to its menu and became one of the country’s largest apple buyers. It put cucumbers on its new McWrap and now expects to buy 6 million pounds of cukes this year.

McDonald’s is expected to sell a grand total of 250 million wings, and some analysts say McD’s wing-buying spree for this promotion last year drove up wholesale prices.
Wedbush analyst Nick Setyan says McDonald’s probably started stockpiling wings about 18 months ago, which diminished supply. In late 2011, the Georgia dock wholesale price of chicken wings started rising from 90¢ to more than $2 per pound earlier this year, an increase that got passed along at the supermarket. Prices have since fallen to about $1.46 per pound. Steyan believes it will be hard for McDonald’s to make wings a permanent menu item, as the company may have underestimated its own impact on the wing market.

now ask your self do i want to eat 18 month old wings?  Hummm


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