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Dash cam video released of Myrtle Manor cast members arrest

It all started in the early hours of Friday morning. That’s when Amanda Adams, identified on the show’s website as a “turtle hunting, four wheel driving redneck,” was arrested for driving under the influence.
Officers were responding to a call about a single-vehicle collision when they found Adams’ damaged Jeep Wrangler next to a downed electric pole. According to a report from the Myrtle Beach Police Department, when officers asked the 26-year-old how much she’d had to drink, she told them she’d consumed three beers and one shot, though later she added three more shots to that tally.
Her blood alcohol level was .20 — .08 is the legal limit in South Carolina.

Now, video from the arrest of Lindsay Colbert, age 21, has been released by the police.
Unlike Adams’ arrest, Colbert’s arrest on a DUI charge appears to be somewhat more verbose.
During parts of the Sunday night incident, Colbert yells at the police, who are administering sobriety field tests.



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