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Front load Frigidaire affinity washer repair – water not draining out

Mom, Dad Me and my Sis
Omg you will need towels lots of them!

 First off thank God for my Dad! He is a smart man and frugal, i always guessed if he had gone to university he would have likely been an engineer, i know many and he has an engineers mind set. He was the sort of guy if it broke he tore it apart, then fixed it, car, washer, dryer, etc., as a kid i was allowed to dismantle things, my toys, anything with power and a screw i took apart! so now when something breaks i take a look and try to fix it.

So my front load Frigidaire affinity, model
#FAFW3801LW3 made by Electrolox Home, in Mexico, was not draining fully at first clothes seemed a little wetter at end of wash that normal, then it would not drain it could not even finish the cycle, so i took the two screws out of rear top then removed front panel, on the bottom of the unit is the drain assembly. It has a white plastic filter/trap inside it, its designed to catch large debris and to prevent it from getting pulled into the water pump/motor, but what a awful design to allow for a quick empty out of the drain catch where the debris collect.  The compression rings come off pretty easy, they do not go on as easy, you will need small vice grips!  You will need towels, i used a pot to catch the water one pot full at a time. Saved myself a service call!

all this was in my filter/trap inside the black rubber drain pipe.

I do not think you should do this yourself i only share what i did.

water pump/moter

Front load washer repair water not draining


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