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Myrtle Beach same-sex couple says new marriage rights are a step in the right direction


Monday the United States Justice Department will extend its rights to same sex couples.
Attorney General Eric Holder made the announcement Saturday night.
He said same sex spouses cannot be forced to testify against one another.
They can jointly file for bankruptcy and will get the same visitation privileges at federal prisons.
He said same sex spouses of first responders who die in the line of duty will be eligible for federal benefits.
The new rules extend to all states no matter the status of same sex marriage.
For Sarah Lawson she said she knew when she met Stevie Wyatt she was the one.
After dating for a year and a half the couple got engaged.
Which makes, they said, Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement even more important since they will live in South Carolina.
“Now even though the state doesn’t recognize it at least we have that federal protection where if something happens to her and she’s in the hospital I’m not going to be held back and not be able to see my wife,” said Lawson.
“This is where I’ve made my home I have family and friends, friends that I consider family, we are like family and it’s a life,” said Wyatt.
The couple said they hope his statement inspires people to focus on the similarities of marriage instead of the differences.
“You think about your heterosexual life and we do the exact same thing you know I go to work all day come home and we watch TV and go to bed. It’s a normal married life,” said Lawson. 
But not everyone is accepting of this new policy. Pastor Darren Squires said the federal government is over stepping its boundaries.
“We did not vote for it to be legal and in our state I think we still should have what our people, our residents, we did not vote for this we do not want this, not only is it unbiblical it’s unnatural, it’s wrong it’s sinful,” Said Pastor Darren Squires.
In 2013, Governor Nikki Haley said she will continue to defend that marriage is between a man and a woman in South Carolina.
Wyatt and Lawson said they will marry in Myrtle Beach where they met. They will then go to Washington D.C. to make it official.
They hope same sex marriage will one day be legal in every state.

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