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Have you heard about the Freiburg Study?


It’s a new landmark study that evaluated Melaleuca’s exclusive Peak Performance Pack supplement on 48 people just like you and me, and the results on every major body system were profound! Imagine, for the first time ever, being able to reduce free radicals and inflammation in the body!

1. The test was run in Freiburg Germany on 48 human subjects.

2. Half of them had were normally healthy subjects and the others had symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

3. The test was run on: • Free Radicals • Heart Rate • Total Cholesterol • LDL (Bad) Cholesterol • HDL (Good) Cholesterol • Triglycerides • Post Meal Blood Sugar Spike • Homa Index (measure of insulin sensitivity) • Nitric Oxide • hs-CRP (Inflammation) • Blood Pressure

4. The subjects were tested prior to, 1 hour after, 6 weeks after continual use and after 12 weeks of continual use.

5. The results were profound in every single category!

6. This is the first time ever that a nutritional supplement has shown to have these types of results.

In summary, after 6 and 12 weeks of using the supplements, the 48 test subjects on average improved significantly in every marker measured. Those with elevated markers improved to an even greater extent.

I would love to share the research results with you to see how it might benefit you and your family. I’d love to tell you more about it.  Contact me





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