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Gun Control

.“The president believes we need to take common sense measures that protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans while ensuring that those who should not have guns under existing laws do not get them,” he said. “And there has been progress in that regard in terms of improving the volume and quality of information in […]

Silence in betrayal

-Yesterday was Martin Luther King day.

Today, the US inaugurates a new president who happens to be black.

Some people connect the two events.

They can’t be serious.

Even after the “cease fire,” civilians in Gaza are still being slaughtered and Obama’s silence is deafening.

Like McCain, Obama went to AIPAC on bended knee to […]

Barack Obama

Barack ObamaSay what You will or just keep it to yourself………..This man, is our next President, the 44th of this. the greatest country on the Globe!No for a moment i want you to put aside the whole Infanticide issue, that seemed to be the #1 on my list, i ask you to resize something, Obama […]