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Here comes the Flu Here coms the Flu

As i pen this i have just gotten off the phone with a friend, he was calling to tell me he had the flu……..and it sounds bad, i hope he is just over reacting because of the News and what not….but i still cant help but be concerned for him, o and for the fact […]

Swine Flu Hysteria

Resources to combat swine flu hysteria#1. Math.

The greater Mexico City Metropolitan area has a population of 22 million people according to Wikipedia.

Many millions of them live in crushing poverty, poor health and with poor sanitary conditions.

1,000 “cases” (which is higher than the so-far reported number) equals 0.005% of the population. 60 […]

WHO says swine flu outbreak has ‘pandemic potential’

Global health: International flu experts are trying to decide next steps at an emergency meeting on the swine flu outbreak called by Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization. Chan’s decision to call the gathering marks the first time she has used a procedure created two years ago for such crises. At least 62 […]