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Prevent or Fight Cancer, Feel Better, Live Longer

As some of you know i had cancer and was given a few months to live, that was over 20 years ago i wanted to share some of what i do to help prevent it from ever happening to me again. Wes

1. Eat whole foods! Read More here –>>

2. Take a […]

Amoung the best hash browned potato i have had

 O my gosh this was a great dish….Hash brown potatos, mushrooms, cheese, sour cream, avocado……can you say yumm.

YUMMM everybody loves japanese hibachi ……..

O Yea been craving Japanese hibachi, Shark and i just wanted quick to go, we have 3 choices, we opted for the one we thought was best, we placed our order at 6:33pm, as i was placing my order, i saw a guy come out of the back into the cooking area and he ask […]