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Garden Sunset

OK so i got Broccolli, Leeks, Winter Squash, Some peppers, in the ground today, finished the new compost bin, this area is fenced off so the chickens can forrage.The sunset was awesome today!

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Garden transtion from Summer to Fall

With summer winding down my 25 foot bean tower has no beans….  Wait we just found a flower and a very small pod………… My tomatos did great this year Purple Calabash Tomato Had a few good weeks with the summer squash

Planted some winter squash and we chicken proofed the garden, with free […]

Garden work

-so i made a Strawberry Bed in the garden, Planted 6 kinds of Strawberry

I also made an asparagus bed, and i dug up some i planted last year and moved them to the permanent spot planted 3 kinds