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–Meandering the path of life…….

–-Meandering the path of life…….

I swear sometimes life throws you a curve ball, like a lazy Thursday when out of no where a bus t-bones you on your drive home..I doubt there is another soul who could put up with my….well Eccentric, Egocentric, and just plain odd i have stopped looking about […]

Dont let me die in the gay bar parking lot

OK so Last Saturday night i had a good meal, nothing to drink, 420 went out as soon as i got to the bar i got sorta blurry vision, and a tingly feeling in my left hand, i decide to go hit the yard get some air, when i got out side i felt a […]


Jeeze Louise!I swear the internet radio is out to get me, Friday night i was out at the bar looking at all the couples, thinking what a great thing i had once, my bartender Julie ask me three or four times “whats wrong with you” i was just in one of those reflective moods, i […]