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1201 C Unleashing the Drama: A Wild Ride with the Neighborhood’s Craziest Resident is soon coming to an end.

Let this be notice:

if you fuck around you find out.

you fucked around….

You are costing me $$$

Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress on my tenant,

Loss of rental income due to an unreasonable & unstable tenant. 

“Safeguarding Public Safety: South Carolina’s Mental Health Law Allows for Involuntary Commitment for Those at Risk”

 someone can be held in South Carolina for mental evaluation!

Issue an order for your continued involuntary hospitalization. (Called the “Order for Continued Hospitalization,” this order is valid only until you are examined or until a hearing is held.); and
Issue an order appointing two mental health care professionals as “Designated Examiners” to examine you. One must be a medical doctor. The other one is usually the social worker working with you in the hospital. 

The landlord should then take appropriate action to address the issue, which may include issuing warnings, mediation, or even eviction in serious…

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While I strive for a peaceful and harm-free life, if you cross the line of reasonability or cause me financial harm, I won’t hesitate to bring the full weight of the law upon you. Don’t play games; face the legal consequences.

The Brotherhood Thanks You for joining the game!