In 1985, a company called Melaleuca, Inc. became the first to bring the healing, soothing powers of essential Melaleuca Alternifolia oil to people all over the world.

Since 1985, Melaleuca has been manufacturing consumable products to help people live healthier, more vibrant lives. Unlike other companies, Melaleuca products refuse to compromise on quality. They are made with only the finest ingredients and a balance of science and nature to make more than 450 wellness products that millions of people around the world use every day. Melaleuca products aren’t just better for your health and safer for the environment. They are also a better value. Because of their super-concentrated formulas and high-quality ingredients, they are much more effective than the diluted, cheaper grocery store brands. And since Melaleuca is a debt-free company that doesn’t rely on advertisers, middlemen, or shelf space at retail stores, the savings are passed directly to customers like you who enjoy “Exceptional products at reasonable prices.”

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passionate about safer homes, smarter choices, and a cleaner environment. That’s why we created EcoSense products and hundreds of other wellness products that are inspired by nature and proven by science. Each month, millions of customers shop at our online store for safer products that really work.

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