Book that someone I know wrote.

Who Is Jeff? The Real Jeff? The Jeff that lent a hand, to anyone within running distance. The Jeff that could put a smile on even the toughest of faces, for nothing else but the sake of happiness. I don’t understand how we could allow ourselves to walk to the edge of death and expect it to surround us like that’s what is truly meant for us next… There must be malevolent forces at play, because the real Jeff. He had a different plan.. With the goal to enlighten and inspire the hearts of everyone, he’d ever meet.. For the sake of love.. The most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet, and within the limitless realm we have been released in.. Set free, lost in the wilderness. Destined, to beat a path through the Bush and build with a limitless mind, that in which holds the realm of possibility together one mind to another. All intertwined, meant to build and walk together, to care for each other, and most importantly do anything necessary to be responsible for the feelings and hearts of those around us. Ensnared we are, as we learn the ways of wicked men and sultry women.. Projected and displayed before us, breaking us down piece by piece with a designed precision capable of breaking down even the strongest of Men.. I speak right now that this world shall be healed of its poisons and illness. The hearts of Men and Women awoken from slumber and revitalized with a desire to love and appreciate those around us. For it is them that will carry us when we leave this broken place. It is them that will forever be molded and shaped in your form, the presence of another is a true blessing. Perhaps the most overlooked blessing anyone is yet to count.. I speak love into the hearts of you and your family and graces sent out to all who shall cross their paths in the coming days. This civilization/ the future/ our children, dependant on the individual decision to be the love we wish to see within every moment.. LOVE.. that 4 letter word capable of changing the entire face of the earth and the people that walk it daily.. Bless you, guys.. I Love You, and no matter the situation or circumstance could change that.. As long as I’m alive I will be here for you, and free in your times of need.. May I get the chance to live and be love once again, my work here is not done. Nor is yours. May the blessings of love fall around us within every moment. May the healing of a family, its people, and the community of hearts residing within come swiftly. With change as just.. Before we know it. Our chance to love will pass. All that will be left in the end, is the very weight of your spirit. Your decision to Love… Or the opposition of course. But we my friends.. We are not here to support the desperate opposition. Choose Love Wisely. It is the weight of the spirits of those around you, that will depict the flight of your soul into these limitless bounds near and far. So love with the wind and a fighting passion.. You’ll be glad you did… JAW