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Have real ownership and physical control over your crypto with the security of a Hardware Wallet.

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Very Scary Inflation Might Be Lurking From UPHOLD
Disconcerting signs of inflation in China pushed stocks lower in Europe even as such fears in the U.S. seemed to have abated, with bond yields falling.Isn’t anyone worried about U.S. inflation? Hell yes.Christopher Wood, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies, earlier this week said in a client note, on the coming economic reopening, that investors “should be prepared for the biggest inflation scare in America since the early 1980s.”Many Wall Street minds are preoccupied with the mid-to-late 1920s, when the phrase “roaring economy” first entered our lexicon. That era, perhaps sans bathtub gin and flappers, could be on the verge of replaying, according to central finance overlord Jamie Dimon, chief of JPMorgan Chase and who just penned a 66-page annual letter to shareholders. Owing to a combination of “excess savings, deficit spending, vaccinations and euphoria,” Dimon wrote, “the U.S. economy will likely boom.”A zero-rate, stimulus-slathered economy rebounding from more than a year of pandemic isolation should create, at a minimum, some near-term inflationary shock waves, Jefferies’ Wood said,  perhaps not quite a Venezuelan-esque death spiral but more of a speed bump en route to, in the medium-term

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