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...and the beast that I saw was like to a leopard, and its feet as of a bear, and its mouth as the mouth of a lion, and the dragon did give to it his power, and his throne, and great authority.

This whole Ukraine thing is a distraction from something bigger or so my Spirit keeps impressing on me it is.

I don’t mean it’s not real because it is real, especially for those in Ukraine on both sides it’s very real! But it seems a lot of the equipment is older and they seem many flanks were under-resourced, they ran out of food, fuel, and morale. A big move is likely an event that simultaneously China is involved, and India will not come to our aid, they are assured that they will work with Russia, under the new Monetary valuation scheme!   “Bilateral ties with Russia are a key pillar of India’s foreign policy. India sees Russia as a longstanding and time-tested friend that has played a significant role in its economic development and security.

According to the latest data from the Bank of Russia, Russia’s central bank, the Kremlin, holds more gold reserves than the US Dollars. It is a warning to the United States that Russia is willing to risk de-dollarizing its economy.
Since 2014, Russia has been decreasing its holding of US Dollars. It has accumulated gold and non-American currencies, especially the Euro.
Gold and Foreign Reserves
The latest Bank of Russia reports that only 22% of its international reserves are US Dollars, while gold accounts for 23%.
As of January 28th 2022, Russia holds about $634 billion in international reserves, the world’s 4th largest forex reserves.

It is likely that a power player with a large gold reserve could weather the storm of the US Dollar being toppled as world dominant currency and replaced with a new currency that the world’s 3 largest countries all agree to use as the valuation of their currency? the US Dollar would be worthless, its so propped up now by quantitative easing that it’s bound to fail.

PM Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin meet for annual summit
Looks like a dang Hallmark card!
  • International Reserves of the Russian Federation are liquid assets held by the Russian Federation’s central bank or other monetary authority in order to implement monetary policies relating to the country’s currency exchange rate and ensure the payment of its imports. The assets include foreign currency and foreign-denominated bonds, gold reserves, SDRs (special drawing rights), and the IMF reserve position. 
  • Foreign exchange reserves (also called forex reserves or FX reserves) are cash and other reserve assets such as gold held by a central bank or other monetary authority that are primarily available to balance payments of the country, influence the foreign exchange rate of its currency, and to maintain confidence in financial markets. Reserves are held in one or more reserve currencies, nowadays mostly the United States dollar and to a lesser extent the euro.
  • India has large foreign-exchange reserves; holdings of cash, bank deposits, bonds, and other financial assets denominated in currencies other than India’s national currency, the Indian rupee. The reserves are managed by the Reserve Bank of India for the Indian government and the main component is foreign currency assets.
  • Until 2006, South Africa was the world’s largest gold producer. In 2007, increasing production from other countries and declining production from South Africa meant that China became the largest producer, although no country has approached the scale of South Africa’s period of peak production during the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1970, South Africa produced 995 tonnes or 32 million ounces of gold, two-thirds of the world’s production of 47.5 million ounces    

Ukraine has some pet people for sure!  

Other things                                                               A white dove landed on the hand of the priest who is helping to evacuate people from Kharkiv!    

A white dove landed on the hand of the priest who is helping to evacuate people from Kharkiv!
Darker days are ahead prepared by preserving food dried goods go a long way especially vacuum packed beans.
Patriots prepare. Darker days are ahead. There’s a lot more to this story that we do not know yet!

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