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I love the Black Label USDA Prime Grade Beef I get from Riverbend Ranch

If you’re interested in having top-notch American beef delivered to your doorstep—100% free from hormones and antibiotics, proudly carrying the Black Label, USDA Grade Prime, or above Black Angus distinction—your search ends here. Our 290,000-acre farm hosts a state-of-the-art 210,000 ft² Ultra Modern beef processing facility right on the ranch, laying the foundation for America’s latest home beef monthly subscription delivery service.

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been using their services since the initiation of their beef division in April 2023, and I’ve received an order every month since then. For more details, feel free to reach out to me. If we’ve crossed paths before, you’ve probably heard me discuss Melaleuca; there’s a fascinating connection! Let’s connect online for a discussion that’ll take about an hour of your time.

Alternatively, you can continue consuming beef laden with growth hormones and antibiotics while convincing yourself it’s not impacting your body’s endocrine and other systems. Choose to live well.

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Discover the excellence of Riverbend Ranch Black Label USDA Prime Grade Beef through our exclusive monthly or bi-monthly beef delivery subscription. With over 20 years as a loyal customer and a firm believer in the brand, I wholeheartedly endorse:

Experience the quality and tradition that has kept me a dedicated supporter for two decades.

  • Antibiotic and Hormone-free (Never Ever)
  • Ethically raised with mama cows nurturing their calves in the pasture
  • Every step, from ranching to birth, upbringing, harvesting, and processing, is proudly American-led.

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Ask me about Riverbend Ranch Black Label USDA Prime Grade Beef, at Great prices, a brand new monthly or bi-monthly beef delivery subscription service.
Never Ever = Antibiotic Hormone free.
Humanly Raised, Mama Cows raise the Babies in the pasture.
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