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This week’s wrap up

Now stop for a minute and ask yourself a hundred-year-old man rides on a plane for 14 hours… Is there a medical team in tow? & support people would be required? Some kind of backdoor deals being made for when the s*** hits the fan. #war Remember In 2008 China bailed us out, now ask yourself why, bonds referendum crap like that. #China has made a pretty concerted effort & great strides toward severing their dependents on our junk bond $USD marketplace, China has their own problems with loans of debt just like we do, but when the proverbial fan gets hit, they no longer HAVE TO, bail us out, no one does! We don’t have an intrinsical tie to anyone else through our #Ponzi #USD TREASURY NOTE, bond schemes, all ran by our #Fed and #Treasury. So educate yourself on how money works between countries and world #wealth and you’ll see that it’s not promising what’s coming down the pipe. I personally feel that #Gold is always a good #investment, for safe storage of wealth. Do your own research. share your #research. Wake those you can arouse, Leave those who slumber.