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Founded in 2012, Coinbase immediately became a top player in the cryptocurrency industry. The American company was initially part of the Y Combinator startup incubator where it formulated the prototype for the exchange. Coinbase has grown substantially since its inception, with its 1,123 employees serving 32 countries and generating over $2 billion in yearly revenue. Coinbase has formed its own venture capital fund, ”

Exodus Crypto Wallet
Send, receive & exchange cryptocurrency with ease on the world’s leading Desktop, Mobile, and Hardware crypto wallets. NOTE: During setup, it will give you a set of words as a recovery phrase YOU MUST SAVE THIS. (transferred in some ATOM, then staked it, and in a few hours made a return.) (With staking on, your ATOM staked balance automatically earns rewards. You can stake more ATOM at any time. The more ATOM you stake, the more you earn.)

This Wallet requires you have your ID verified by You will have to upload 2 proofs of ID and address I did my Driver’s License and a power bill. ( I am currently pending verification)

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In the News Recently:

Coinbase Picks Nasdaq for Direct Listing: Report
The San Francisco-based crypto exchange will list its shares on Nasdaq, according to a report from The Block.

Someone Flipped an Ethereum Token for 100,000% Price Gains in Just 3 Days
On Thursday, an Ethereum user bought an NFT for $130. On Sunday, they sold it for $130,000—and made a killing.

Grayscale Reopens Ethereum Trust After Altcoin Registration Bonanza
The world’s biggest crypto asset management firm may be preparing to give its clients more products in which to invest.

Silver: Short Sellers, Your Time Has Come To Pay The Piper! Volatility has increased to a point that is unlike anything in living memory.

GameStop mayhem, Robinhood scandal, Musk tweets, DOGE explodes Hodler’s Digest, Jan. 24–30 The volatility seen on the stock markets this week made some of Bitcoin’s recent price swings look tame. And it’s all down to a dramatic face-off between a Reddit group called r/Wallstreetbets and the short-selling hedge funds that Reddit took on at their own game.

The Small Print on investor class/ “I am an individual who will not invest in the Class A common stock more than 10% of my total net worth, excluding the value of my primary residence, or 10% of my annual income, as considered for 1) each of the two previous years and 2) a reasonable expectation of my annual income for the current year.”