I just ordered this for making my PODCAST recordings

16GB Digital Voice Recorder, Voice Activated Recorder for Lecture, Meetings, Audio Voice Recorder with MP3 Player, with Rechargeable Stereo HD Recording Voice, USB, Password, Variable Speed

I liked this feature 【Convenient One-Button Recording Operation】Turn voice recorder on, simply slide the recording convenient switch to “●” to start recording, then swipe backward to save the recording. For those who are not good at machines, even beginners, old people etc, are easy to the recording. Automatically name files by date and time for easy searching and management.

✾Long-Time Recording – Up to 72 hours recording (WAV / 512kbps), 1000 hours recording (MP3 / 32kbps) or 3000 tracks.Let you not miss your every minute.

Real-Time Record Monitoring – Atter turning on, insert the headphone to listen to the sound real-time during the recording. So that you can monitor the effect of real-time voice recording.