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Oh great another election cycle bunch of liars telling lies trying to convince the sheep what is what.

Just looking in from the outside, judging by all the political mailings laying on my kitchen table, and the ads that I hear on radio, seems many of our area politicians spend every single dime of advertising on either bashing other candidates are pretending that someone who’s no longer in office likes them and that should matter… If every mailing I have received, and every ad I hear on the radio is a political person invoking someone else’s name, whether it be this person likes me I am good, or that person bad I don’t like them, you won’t sway me with that type advertising. I want to hear what you’re capable of doing, I want to hear what you have done, and I want to know that you’re basically a decent human being. I don’t want a crook, or a preacher.

The housing market is getting ready to see correction or bubble pop or whatever you want to call it it’s called sting like a wasp
Food shortages are looming I think by the winter we are going to all realize
Quite a few power plants have been closing we don’t have enough electricity to run America right now currently and that’s only going to get worse.
Learn a scalar to meet your neighbors that’s part of prepping not digging a hole in the backyard and hiding
Moncks Corner South Carolina May 2022
An old graveyard in Marion South Carolina. I believe this to be some sort of magical enchanted barrier possibly it goes around the entire grave site are used to before somebody knocked one of the corners down
Thank you very much for any donations please your mark what you make the donation for if you want to go towards the homeless ministry please make sure that you designate that for that and we are always looking for donations to be used for that Thomas ministry and a small simple things like wipes or toothbrushes sometimes and bags and silly little simple things that I have to purchase