open-heart surgery, no heartbeat/lung function for 9 hours, I had an experience that felt like, I went to the “other side”?, and this is what I saw…

In 2016 i was having some odd heart rhythms, and extreme tiredness, i had Obstructive sleep apnea, it caused or helped along, Atrial fibrillation, unspecified(CMS-HCC) “that was cause of crazy heart rhythm” it is what led us to find that i also had Severe mitral regurgitation NONRHEUMATIC MITRAL (VALVE) PROLAPSE.

At the end of August 2016, I had open-heart surgery,  and while I had no heartbeat function for 9 hours, I had an experience that felt like, I went to the “other side”?, and this is what I saw…..

note: there was no fear I was not afraid at all. 

I became aware that I was somewhere, I was holding onto with my right hand what felt like a piece of cloth, felt like I was standing on a rock in space the dirt or soil or sand or dust under my feet was gray and it appeared like what you would see on the moon, to my left utter pitch black darkness, directly in front of me, I was holding onto with my right hand what felt like a piece of cloth, this cloth was on a much larger “thing or being”, in front of that being, which obscured my vision, i had to see or look around the being, it looked as though there was a cave or something, it was very dark in that cave, and very gray where i was, out of the Cave of the darkness came what I can only describe as a worm like figure as big as me, it had a purple “face” no facial features just gaseous purple stuff, and it came right towards me hard and fast, as it got close, it was repelled from me, it made a squealing noise and scampered back into the darkness, another one came out of the darkness and came towards me it also reflected from what seemed to be a force field around me, it also made a displeasing sound, and then it ran back into the darkness, leaving behind purple gaseous trailers like tracers, I don’t know how else to describe them, I realize that the thing I’m holding onto is sort of like for lack of a better description is like a grim reaper, but it was not a grim reaper, it was different, but it was clothed in the black cloth-like material that I was holding on to with my right hand, and then another really really big worm came out of the darkness and I mean it ran towards me like a horse at full speed, and I braced for impact, I Was Not Afraid just braced for the impact, it’s screamed out, as though it felt pain when got close to touching me, it never actually touched me, just got really really really close, it left behind a purple Trail as it scampered back into the dark cave that was ahead of the “we will call it a GATEKEEPER” I look to my left, nothing void darkness, but up and over to my right I see a cluster of stars or lights, it looked like maybe a star cluster, there was pink and blue with yellow, and it looks so inviting that I felt as though that’s where I wanted to go, I felt my feet lift up off of the surface I was standing on, and it’s as though my feet came up off the “ground” my body tilted and I begin to turn towards that light or many lights, i am still holding the cloth, and cant seem to let go, and as I pretty much decided I didn’t want to come back here anymore, its like here was fading in my place of desire, I was happy being where I was or where I was getting ready to go, the “Gatekeeper” the thing I was holding on to with my right hand, looked down at me and VERY CONDESCENDING said “NOT TODAY, NOT YOUR DAY!.” And I woke up, in ICU, I was intubated, you’re not supposed to wake up intubated! I was on a fentanyl and morphine drip, so i would not wake up, once i was awake i could not fall back asleep, and it took them 25 hours to finally use a drug “propofol” that would put me back into a coma. they left me there for 30 hours. When I woke up I was ready to begin pulling tubes out. Life is great, and it’s been nothing but a Journey since then! …..My near-death experience. PWT :)>

I am not supposed to be awake and intubated! the Doctors were so very confused about how I was awake on all that drug cocktail they had me on. the power of the supernatural is more powerful than those drugs!
Before the repair.
After the repair. Note the Autograph of my Dr!
these are the surgical incessions I was not a chest open heart surgery but a keyhole procedure