The Fascinating World of Aspergillums: Exploring Sacred Water Dispensers in Christianity and Other Faiths

Discover the fascinating world of the aspergillum, a liturgical implement used in Christian rituals to sprinkle holy water, and its different forms and uses across various denominations. Learn about the history and significance of the holy water dispenser, an invention credited to Hero of Alexandria, and its role in aiding religious practices. This article also explores the pyx and paten, two other important items used in Catholic, Old Catholic, and Anglican Churches.

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Rita Jenrette has been crowned as Princess Rita

she met Representative John Jenrette, Democrat of South Carolina, who immediately proposed that they sunbathe naked together, In a surprising turn of events, former American model and actress Rita Jenrette has been crowned as Princess Rita of an undisclosed European country. The news has left many wondering how a former Playboy model from South Carolina could become royalty, but it seems that anything is possible in the world of fairy tales.

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