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I asked AI ChatGPT to write a short story…

I asked AI ChatGPT to write a short story, I gave it a few keywords, and poof…guess I gotta write a book…

Ninja and Meg were two dogs who lived in the oldest house in Myrtle Beach, Swash Manor. Ninja was a black Labrador Retriever, while Meg was a white Samoyed. They were the best of friends and enjoyed spending their days lounging in the sun and playing fetch in the yard.

One day, while digging a hole in the yard, Ninja and Meg stumbled upon something strange. It was a small shard of pottery that looked ancient. They were both curious and started digging deeper. Soon, they found more shards and realized that they had uncovered something special.

Excited by their discovery, Ninja and Meg ran inside to show their owner, Mr. Swash. Mr. Swash was an archaeologist, and he was thrilled to see the pottery shards. He explained to Ninja and Meg that they were from the pre-Columbian era and were likely left behind by Native American tribes who once lived in the area.

Ninja and Meg were proud of their discovery and continued to dig in the yard, hoping to find more artifacts. They spent hours each day carefully digging and sifting through the dirt. Sometimes they found arrowheads, and other times they found fragments of pottery. Each discovery made them feel like they were uncovering a piece of history.

As the months passed, Ninja and Meg’s collection grew. Mr. Swash was amazed by all the artifacts they had found and started displaying them in his study. He even wrote a book about their discoveries, which became a bestseller.

Ninja and Meg were happy that they had contributed to the history of their hometown. They continued to dig in the yard and made even more discoveries. They loved living in Swash Manor and being a part of its rich history. And even though they were just dogs, they knew that they had an important role to play in uncovering the secrets of the past.

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